10 Under $10 / No. 3

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swim top / white dress / lipstick / blue dress / backpack / sun hat / sandal / tee / sport bra / nail polish

10 Under $10

I am over this East Coast winter. OVER IT. I can’t wait for the care-free days of summer where you just throw on shorts, a tee, and sandals and it’s just easy. I’m sure I’ll be changing my story when the humidity is 95% in a few months but right now, when it’s 40 degrees and snowing all the time, I want sunshine and pedicures. I want to smell like sunscreen + chlorine.

For this roundup I found some great deals on lots of summery items- I especially love that ASOS dress to throw on over a bathing suit and the Victoria’s Secret sport bra is a GREAT deal. Not that I actually work out, but I might, if I weren’t drinking gallons of hot cocoa trying to keep my core body temperature in the safe zone. Anyway, shop away and get a great start on your summer wardrobe!

A word of caution: jump on these great deals while you can, items sell out quickly, especially the ones that are majorly ON SALE!! All items were $10 or less at the time of posting, prices may change at any time!

Find all my 10 Under $10 finds here!

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24 thoughts on “10 Under $10 / No. 3

  1. Krystal

    Oh wow – Alloy is still around?! I used to shop them when I was younger! Total blast from the past! Essie is one of my favorite nail polishes. I am loving the glossy red color. That dress would be so fun! That backpack is so much fun and handy to have for busy days!

  2. Rally L.C.

    Every day I am thinking how blessed I am to live in South Florida, even though I kinda miss the snow from back home from time to time. :) I really love reading your “10 under $10″ post! Of course, I had to check the lippie, because I am such a lipstick addict and let me tell you that those NYX matte lipsticks are great – from their range of shades to pigmentation. Also, love me some Essie nail polishes – my favorite shade from the spring collection is “Bond with Whomever”.

  3. Amanda

    I hear you, I am so sick and tired of WINTER. Even my three year old told me today that he was mad at winter. Sigh. At least your post provided some happiness by looking forward to Spring. I always get some great basic things from H & M so I will definitely pick up your recommendation! Stay warm and think Spring!

  4. Adrienne

    I’m completely going through a backpack and hat phase right now, so this post is perfectly timed. I always forget about Charlotte Russe! They have such cute things and yet I can never remember to go there – thanks for the reminder. I’m ready for summer, too – can it get here already?! (o:

  5. Nancy

    I want to know where you found that blue cotton swinging dress for under ten bucks. I’d totally buy that right up. I usually shop at H&M, Forever 21, for basics – but sometimes they surprise you with other great stuff that have become long time fav’s! Good picks :)

  6. Hezzi-D

    I am also over the East Coast winter….spring needs to hurry up and get here! This is such a great collection of items for under $10. That shift dress is absolutely adorable and the price is insane! I’m loving the tankini top too…bring on summer!

  7. Christy

    I am with you. Can’t wait to slide into a nice summer dress and wedges. That is definitely my summer uniform. It is just so easy. You just reminded to go dive into some nail polishes to get my colors together for this summer. I love Essie.

  8. Vera Sweeney

    I love when I can find stuff like this for a $10!! I love that dress it looks perfect for a warm summer day!! These are some great bargains that you found to list out!

  9. Liz Leiro

    It’s times like these that make me grateful to live in SoCal. Spring and Summer always seem to come early and I’ve already started to put away my boots and “heavy” sweaters.

    Your finds are all super cute. I love the freshness of the white dress you’ve chosen and there is nothing like fresh red nail polish. I’m sending you warm vibes!

  10. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    I’m over winter too. All week we’ve had the AC on with 80+ degree weather and this weekend we have a freeze settling in. It’s too cold for me right now. I love all of your selections and that hat! I must have one, it’s so darling. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Vicky

    What great finds! I love that dress and the hat is perfect for an afternoon next to the pool…not that I can imagine being at the pool…I’m with you and I’m so over this cold, never ending winter! Hopefully, it’ll be here soon….thanks for finding these bargains and sharing them!


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