10 Under $10 / No. 4

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10 Under $10 - No. 4 www.britonalo.com

triangle earrings / hair crayons / black dress / leopard tote / nail polish / pink dress / espadrilles / crochet dress / floppy hat / shorts

A WORD OF CAUTION: jump on these great deals while you can, items sell out quickly, especially the ones that are majorly ON SALE!! All items were $10 or less at the time of posting, prices may change at any time!

10 Under $10

There are some awesome summer deals today! I love the idea behind the Free People hair crayons – they wash out with shampoo and only last a few days. Perfect for vacation or to see if you like the color before committing to something more permanent. Another fave of mine is the leopard tote. We are always headed somewhere so I like to keep totes like this in the car and near the front door because I never know when I’m going to need to haul a bunch of stuff with us!

I hope you’re having a great summer and that some of these great deals will make it into your life :)

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16 thoughts on “10 Under $10 / No. 4

  1. Louise

    Isn’t it amazing at how there are so many items in the market that are affordable but don’t give that much notice because we are either blinded by luxury brands or aggressive advertising of other brands which costs way above these items.

  2. Stephanie of The TipToe Fairy

    Wow, 10 under $10 is such a great deal! I love to hunt for the best deals on the internet before I finally buy something. My teenager would love some of this stuff. She would really love the shoes. Those are some of her favorites to wear. I think she’d also love the colored hair sticks, too.

  3. Reginia Cordell

    I love catching end of summer deals. This 10 for under $10 would have made me feel like a complete champion. We have a few H & M locations here, I definitely need to check them out before heading out for my vacation as well as get some new blush from MAC.

  4. Chantal

    This is an awesome list! Who doesn’t love finding a great deal! I find that if something is under $10 then I usually don’t have much of an issue buying it, but when its over 10 I often go back and forth debating whether or not I really NEED it! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jeanine

    Wow, 10 under $10 is perfect! I’m such a bargain shopper I’m always looking for great deals! I’m loving those shoes, and that white dress from H&M even though I don’t wear dresses. So very pretty. Finding a good deal is so awesome, I haven’t been so lucky lately but all of these are great finds!

  6. Dia

    This is a girl’s summer dream, clothes under ten bucks, that almost un-real. This is a great post which shows people how to dress well, but under a budget. I am definitely going to keep this blog on my view list.

  7. Brittnei

    H&M was like my favorite store in high school because it was always inexpensive and the styles were always so trendy. Now I’m wondering if they have one where I live because I haven’t been to the mall in so long. Now that I’m down from baby weight, I feel like I want to get back into some of the clothes that I love again. These items are perfect staple items for the summer.

  8. Ourfamilyworld

    These are great finds and I can’t believe that these items are all under 10. The Soludos espadrilles look very comfortable and I love the color. The white dress is very pretty as well. I have to check these items out and I hope they are still under $10.

  9. Kita

    You are talking my language with 10 under 10 I am a sucker for deals and good deals are my thing. I love H&M if I can get my weight down I can fit some of their clothes.

  10. Erin

    I love finding good deals! With as expensive as everything is getting, these items are at a great bargain. I know I’d definitely like the black dress and the pink dress as well as the hair chalk. I’ve always wanted to change my hair color, just for a day, so that sounds like the perfect way to do it!


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