Where’d you get your glasses?

I buy all my frames from First Eye Care Plano in Plano, Texas. My uncle has been my eye doctor there for 20 years. If you’re in the area give Dr. Rast a call!

Turquoise Valentino Frames

Light Pink Calvin Klein Frames

Tortoise + Purple Juicy Couture Frames


Is that your natural hair color/do you have extensions/how’d you get it so long/are you ever going to cut it?

This is my natural color/I do not have extensions/I rarely get it cut + I don’t mess with it much/yes, I donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths! My next drastic chop is scheduled for August of 2015 to celebrate my 10th Anniversary being CANCER-FREE!

You had cancer?

Yep, stage II malignant melanoma. I was 21, going to school full-time and pregnant with my first baby. I grew up in the Sun Belt in the 80′s and never wore sun screen as a child. Please be safe in the sun!

How old were you when you got married?

19. I found a great spouse early in life. It’s not for everyone but it was for us.