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10 Under $10 - No 5

10 Under $10 / No. 5

Contains affiliate links.

10 Under $10 - No 5

makeup brushes / smoothing cream / nail polish / scarf / lash serum / brush egg / earrings / lip balm / hair color / jeans

A WORD OF CAUTION: jump on these great deals while you can, items sell out quickly, especially the ones that are majorly ON SALE!! All items were $10 or less at the time of posting, prices may change at any time!

10 Under $10

It’s been a long time since my last post so I wanted to kick things off again with another 10 Under $10 post! These deals were so fun to find and I have my eye on several of these products! Jump on the nail polish because it’s an awesome deal! And score a pair of the J Brand jeans FAST – these WILL NOT LAST!

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Mascara Hack

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Mascara Hack

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite makeup secrets – my mascara hack!

About a year ago I switched mascaras. I had been using Maybelline Great Lashfor years. Like 18 YEARS. I liked the consistency, it stayed on with minimal smudging, and it was cheap and easy to pick up. The reason I switched is because I attended a favorite things party and the gift I got was Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara. I tried it out and I have continued buying it ever since. It is supposed to help you get longer, more lush lashes. It works for me. I really like the consistency. It is drier than Great Lash and I feel like that helps it look thicker at the base of my lashes. The brush is also really thick and tightly bound which helps fan my lashes out more than Great Lash ever did. The price is a bit more but it isn’t too high.

And now for the hack! I add a drop of lavender essential oil to my Grow Luscious and I have noticed that my lashes are naturally longer and thicker than they used to be. It isn’t a crazy difference that is super noticeable but I do see it as I’m getting ready for the day. I wore the mascara without the added lavender for several months but really noticed the difference in my lashes after months of wearing it with the lavender.

So, why lavender? Lavender essential oil is assumed to aid in hair growth and to have antibacterial properties. Eye makeup can harbor lots of germs because of the mucous membrane (eyelids) it comes into contact with. This is why you should not share your eye makeup or applicators with others! Anyway, the lavender oil helps keep those germs in check. Another benefit of the oil is that it helps keep the mascara from getting too thick as it gets older and has been exposed to air time and time again.

This mascara hack is so simple. Here is all you need:

1 tube Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

1 drop Lavender Essential Oil*

Open the mascara, carefully drop 1 drop of essential oil into the tube and replace the lid.

See? Easy!

*Make sure to buy a high quality, 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil. Do not use a fragrance oil used in soap or candle making.

**I am not qualified to give advice about essential oils, first aid for misuse of essential oils, etc. I’m just sharing something that has worked for me. Follow the advice here at your own risk – essential oils should not be applied to the eye without the supervision of someone who had been trained to do so.

Do you have a great makeup hack or a favorite drugstore beauty product? Share in the comments!

10 Under $10 / No. 3

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10 Under $10 - No. 3

swim top / white dress / lipstick / blue dress / backpack / sun hat / sandal / tee / sport bra / nail polish

10 Under $10

I am over this East Coast winter. OVER IT. I can’t wait for the care-free days of summer where you just throw on shorts, a tee, and sandals and it’s just easy. I’m sure I’ll be changing my story when the humidity is 95% in a few months but right now, when it’s 40 degrees and snowing all the time, I want sunshine and pedicures. I want to smell like sunscreen + chlorine.

For this roundup I found some great deals on lots of summery items- I especially love that ASOS dress to throw on over a bathing suit and the Victoria’s Secret sport bra is a GREAT deal. Not that I actually work out, but I might, if I weren’t drinking gallons of hot cocoa trying to keep my core body temperature in the safe zone. Anyway, shop away and get a great start on your summer wardrobe!

A word of caution: jump on these great deals while you can, items sell out quickly, especially the ones that are majorly ON SALE!! All items were $10 or less at the time of posting, prices may change at any time!

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Alt Summit 2015

Alt Summit 2015 www.britonalo.comphoto by Brooke Dennis Scarf by K Crochets

I had the chance to attend Alt Summit 2015 last week and wanted to give you a recap!

Alt has a reputation for being one of the best conferences for bloggers and businesses. It is a luxury conference and it draws in great speakers, teachers, and sponsors.

The Fashion
Alt Summit 2015 www.britonalo.comphoto by Brooke Dennis

You know how sometimes you wish you could dress like a toddler? No rules, mixing patterns and textures? Loud, fancy, over-the-top, you name it? Anything goes at Alt. Some major trends I saw:

Sparkles, Stripes, Leather, Polka Dots, Unique Glasses, Colorful Hair

The nice thing about Alt is that you can dress however you feel comfortable. There are fashion bloggers that will have every outfit styled perfectly, hairstylists that will have gorgeous braids and curls, people who think outside the box of fashion, people who are low-key, and people who only shop thrift and vintage.

The Parties
Alt Summit 2015 www.britonalo.comphoto by Brooke Dennis

We had sponsored dinners on Wednesday night across Salt Lake. I attended a dinner with Airbnb at an old Victorian home. Airbnb flew in their chef from HQ and we spent the evening getting to know each other better over some great dishes.

Dinner with @Airbnb tonight!! #altsummit

A photo posted by Briton Alo (@britonalo) on

On Thursday we had a Downtown Abbey inspired evening. The idea was to infuse your look with 1920′s motifs but to not dress in costume.

Friday was a night full of mini parties. We took over part of the third floor and each room had a different theme. From Pop Alt to Tokyo Dreams, there was never a dull moment!

Mini. Party. Time. #buzzwithhive #altsummit

A photo posted by Rad Mom Cool Kid (@radmomcoolkid) on

The Learning
Alt Summit 2015 www.britonalo.comphoto by Justin Hackworth

Alt has a great assortment of keynote speakers, panels, classes, roundtable discussions, design camps, and hallway experts to learn from. I missed the opening keynote this year thanks to a wicked combo of little sleep, jet lag, and anti-nausea meds from the flight. I really enjoyed the classes I attended. There were classes and workshops on podcasts, instagram, pinterest, tribes, monetizing, legal questions, photo styling, and plugins, to name a few!

The Downs
Alt Summit 2015 www.britonalo.comphoto by Justin Hackworth

Alt can be intimidating and intense, especially for introverts. I think a lot of bloggers are introverts- that’s why we blog! It’s easier on us to reach out to people without actually being in their presence. Large groups and lots of interaction is draining for introverts so Alt can be exhausting for us. I try to sneak off to a quiet corner or the bathroom when I’m feeling like I can’t meet one more new person!

Another thing that exhausts me is the information overload. The schedule is PACKED full of amazing speakers and classes and I take full advantage of it. One thing that helps me is to take great notes and just let my brain relax, knowing I got it all down in my notebook to look at later.

The last thing that is tough about Alt is that it can be hard on your confidence. At Alt you are selling your personal brand to a very visual market. We are all bloggers and business owners in the age of Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. We know the power of good design and Alt is a chance to sell our sites wrapped up in the pretty package of good hair, makeup, outfits, and personality. That said, sometimes you get there and feel like you don’t quite measure up. There are people there who are crazy successful. They hustle really hard and have such a clear vision of where they want their business to go. There are people wearing couture outfits and expensive makeup.

I don’t want to sell Alt as a shallow place for shallow people who only care about looks. What I’m saying is that it is a conference full of people who design and create beautiful things and your personal design/style is part of the whole package you are bringing to the table. And sometimes you feel small and lost in the middle of a lot of greatness.

The Ups
Alt Summit 2015 www.britonalo.comphoto by Justin Hackworth

My favorite thing I heard at Alt was from Corinne Stokoe of Mint Arrow. She mentioned that she struggled at a previous Alt because it seemed like everyone around her was moving forward and knew where they were going and she felt a little stuck. She said, “Don’t let Alt give you an identity crisis!” I felt the identity crisis at my first Alt and I was feeling it at this one. I was pretty sure it was just me, that everyone around me was blessed with that clear vision and endless energy to move forward. Hearing her say that she had felt the same way gave me the boost I needed.

There are some amazing people who attend Alt. As I follow them on their social channels and see what they are up to I am so inspired and impressed! They do great things and are so supportive of others. There is a tribe mentality that is really strong among the attendees and I love witnessing it and being sucked up into it.

Be sure to also read my Alt Survival Guide over on Rad Mom Cool Kid!

Check out OneDrive for more photos from Alt or search #AltSummit on Instagram!

10 Under $10 / No. 1

Contains affiliate links.

10 Under $10

10 Under $10

I’m starting a series for some of the great deals I come across. I’ve been thinking about it for a few months actually but the holidays were busy and I just haven’t had a minute to sit and do it! Things are starting to settle down and the routine of school is helping a ton.

I will be posting deals on all sorts of things- clothes, makeup, accessories, home goods. I’d love to do additional series under $25, $50, and $100 so stay tuned!

A word of caution: jump on these great deals while you can, items are sure to sell out quickly because they are majorly ON SALE!!

While we’re on the subject of great deals and saving money, check out this post I recently did for Rad Mom Cool Kid!

5 Can’t Live Without Drug Store Skin Care Products

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5 can't live without drug store skin care products

5 Can’t Live Without Drug Store Skin Care Products

1. Make Up Remover Wipes
These are the BEST when I’m traveling because they won’t spill and you can stash them in your carry-on if you’re flying. I also love them when I’m having a lazy night.

2. Blistex Medicated Ointment
I recently did a post about lip balm addiction (read it here) and I’m now only using Blistex sparingly. After some research I learned that lots of make-up artists use it because it’s a great lipstick base because it makes your lips smooth. Just apply the ointment, wait 5 minutes, then apply your lipstick.

3. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen
iconI really love this sunscreen because it isn’t as greasy and slimy as most on the market. I’m a Melanoma survivor so sun protection is something I don’t skimp on! This one is great because I can layer my make-up over it and it doesn’t slide off.

4. e.l.f. Zit Zapper
I was skeptical of this when I first saw it but I’ve been using it for several months and am happy with it. I don’t break out often but I get the occasional blemish when I’m stressed out. This product is applied with a roller ball so I prevent zits by rolling it all around the places I usually get them. If one starts to appear I treat it several times a day until it disappears. It’s not going to completely erase Mt. Vesuvius overnight but it will help if you use it regularly over a few days.

5. Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask
I LOVE this exfoliating mask! I have used St. Ives once or twice a week in the shower for years but I think this is going to shake up my usual routine! This mask is really quick- just 5 minutes but I can tell the difference immediately. Since moving to Maryland over the summer my skin has been adjusting. I have seen more black heads and after using this, there were noticeably fewer. I also love that it isn’t a mask that dries and gets hard and itchy. Also, my skin didn’t feel tight and super shiny afterward which is another thing I dislike about other masks.

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5 Ways to Beat Lip Balm Addiction

5 ways to beat lip balm addiction

I have used lip balm pretty heavily since middle and high school. Nobody wants to kiss somebody with crusty lips so I carried around my trusty Carmex
iconand it never left my pocket. I kept them in my car, purse, locker, make up bag, night stand drawer…pretty much everywhere. I would get a little panicky if I ended up somewhere without it.

Now, you’re probably laughing about this little “addiction” of mine but hear me out.

I was not addicted to the act of putting it on. My lips stopped producing the natural oils they are supposed to because I never gave them the chance. If I went longer than a few hours without applying something my bottom lip would split right down the middle. My lips would also get hard, dry patches on either side of the split that would flake off after a few days. It was painful and made wearing lipstick impossible.

I had heard of lip balm addiction a few times before and sort of just shrugged it off but after a few days with a gnarly split lip recently, I looked into it a bit more.

After reading several articles and browsing Lip Balm Anonymous (I’m not even kidding, it’s a real website) I decided to try to get my lip problems under control. Here’s what I’m doing:

5 Ways to Beat Lip Balm Addiction

1. weaning- I decided to go the route of slowly eliminating lip balms. I started tossing out my tubes of Carmex as I came across them. I also made an effort to wait longer periods of time before I reapplied lip balm.

2. licking- I read over and over the advice, “just stop licking your lips!” I kept shaking my head, “I don’t lick my lips, I’m not 5!” Guess what? I kept catching myself licking my lips. Not sloppy and all over like a kid but I was still doing it enough to dry out my lips.

3. natural moisture- As I started weaning my lips off the balm I increased applying coconut
and sweet almond oil. My lips still needed some help as the cracks healed and I felt much better about these natural oils than the Carmex.

4. gentle exfoliation- I started doing a better job of exfoliating my lips to help get the flakes off. Previously I tried brushing with my toothbrush, sugar scrubs, and chewing on my lips. None of that really worked and the chewing made it worse. I found that gently scrubbing my lips in a circular motion with a wet washcloth in the shower has helped a lot.

5. Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment
iconI hesitated listing this because it can probably be just as addicting as Carmex but it has helped heal my deep splits. Instructions say to apply no more than 3-4 times a day so I am sticking with 2-3 for now and will step it down as my lips are still in the weaning process.

Another option is to quit “cold turkey.” You have to just suffer through and not use anything on your lips until they heal. It has a lower success rate and sounded terrible and painful and disgusting so I went with the weaning option! It has been about 3 weeks and I’m starting to feel like my lips are getting back to a good place. A place where smiling wont crack my lips and make them bleed!