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Printable May 2015 Calendar

May 2015 Calendar

Today I have a simple and modern printable May 2015 Calendar to share! Some ways you can use this printable:

- Save it as your computer’s wallpaper
- Print and hang it on your wall
- Print it as a half sheet, and put it in your journal or planner

Weekends are highlighted in Lime while major holidays (US) are highlighted in Kelley Green. The month and year are not to be missed and there is space included for making notes.

Do you use a hard copy calendar anymore or do you rely on something online? Personally, I like both. I love the convenience of using Google Calendar. I use an app called CalenMob that syncs to my laptop’s Google Calendar so I always have all my appointments available whether I’m on my computer or my phone.

But, I also love a real calendar because I like to use them as a sort of family journal. Dates and outings we went on, vacations we took, guest we had in our home, general day-to-day items, etc. It’s fun to look back at our old calendar pages and see how we lived even just a few short years ago!

May 2015 Calendar

Click HERE to print or download