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Triple Braid Bun Tutorial

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triple braid bun tutorial www.britonalo.com

This triple braid bun tutorial is super easy! if you can manage a simple three strand braid, you can master this hairstyle. I love having really long hair but it isn’t practical when I’m out and about with my kids and family having an adventure. It gets trapped under my purse strap, slammed in the car door, and pulled when I pass Hollis off to Luke. A pony doesn’t help but styles like this triple braid bun or this one keep my hair out of the way and protected.

Triple Braid Bun Tutorial

1. Spray hair with dry shampoo like this, or any product that adds texture.

2. Divide hair into three even sections.

3. Braid one section. Don’t braid too tight, leave it a little loose and messy. Secure with clear elastics like these.

4. Repeat on the other two sections. You should have 3 braids.

5. Braid the three braids together. Again, not too tight.

6. Wrap the braid into a bun, pinning with bobby pins like these as you go.

7. Finish with hairspray. This
iconis what I use.

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One Sided Dutch Braid + Milkmaid Braid Tutorial

I am totally obsessed with braids for fall. Here’s a One Sided Dutch Braid + Milkmaid Braid Tutorial of a style I did recently if you want to try!

one sided dutch  braid + milkmaid braid tutorial britonalo

One Sided Dutch Braid + Milkmaid Braid Tutorial

1. Spray your hair with dry shampoo. This will keep your braid from slipping. I have super fine, slippery hair and braids are a joke unless I start with this step. I’ve tried countless brands- find my favorite here.

2. Part you hair- you can do a center part or a side.

3. One sided dutch braid (great tutorial here). Start dutch braiding your hair but only pick up new sections from the side against your face. Keep your braid tight and close to your scalp. Stop picking up new sections of hair when you reach the center of the back of head. Now finish the braid by doing a traditional 3-strand braid. Secure with a clear elastic band. I use these.

4. Repeat Step 3 on the other side.

5. Take the first finished braid and wrap it around your head, using hair pins like these
to secure the braid as you go. (I have the best luck using the pins I linked to- my hair is very fine and other brands slip out.) Tuck and pin the end of the braid inside the french braid. You can remove the small elastic if it shows and just use hair pins. I prefer to leave the elastic in for extra support.

6. Repeat Step 5 on the other side.

7. Finish with hairspray- I usually use this.

Linked at Be.You.Tiful.