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5 Can’t Live Without Drug Store Skin Care Products

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5 Can’t Live Without Drug Store Skin Care Products

1. Make Up Remover Wipes
These are the BEST when I’m traveling because they won’t spill and you can stash them in your carry-on if you’re flying. I also love them when I’m having a lazy night.

2. Blistex Medicated Ointment
I recently did a post about lip balm addiction (read it here) and I’m now only using Blistex sparingly. After some research I learned that lots of make-up artists use it because it’s a great lipstick base because it makes your lips smooth. Just apply the ointment, wait 5 minutes, then apply your lipstick.

3. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen
iconI really love this sunscreen because it isn’t as greasy and slimy as most on the market. I’m a Melanoma survivor so sun protection is something I don’t skimp on! This one is great because I can layer my make-up over it and it doesn’t slide off.

4. e.l.f. Zit Zapper
I was skeptical of this when I first saw it but I’ve been using it for several months and am happy with it. I don’t break out often but I get the occasional blemish when I’m stressed out. This product is applied with a roller ball so I prevent zits by rolling it all around the places I usually get them. If one starts to appear I treat it several times a day until it disappears. It’s not going to completely erase Mt. Vesuvius overnight but it will help if you use it regularly over a few days.

5. Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask
I LOVE this exfoliating mask! I have used St. Ives once or twice a week in the shower for years but I think this is going to shake up my usual routine! This mask is really quick- just 5 minutes but I can tell the difference immediately. Since moving to Maryland over the summer my skin has been adjusting. I have seen more black heads and after using this, there were noticeably fewer. I also love that it isn’t a mask that dries and gets hard and itchy. Also, my skin didn’t feel tight and super shiny afterward which is another thing I dislike about other masks.

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