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5 Can’t Live Without Drug Store Hair Products

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5 can't live without drug store hair products britonalo

5 Can’t Live Without Drug Store Hair Products

1. I use Coconut Oil right out of the shower. Experiment with how much you prefer and remember: a little goes a long way! I put a teeny tiny amount, not quite pea-sized, into my palm, rub it all over my hands and fingers, then press the oil in the very ends of my hair.

2. I use this Heat Protectant if I’m going to blow-dry, curl, or flat iron my hair. Here’s a great tutorial for a DIY Blow Out.

3. This is my go-to Hairspray. It’s inexpensive, holds up well, and can be found almost everywhere.

4. I use this Conditioning Treatment in the shower every other week.

5. This is my favorite Dry Shampoo, hands down! I’ve tried fancier brands and brands that are similarly priced and I ALWAYS go back to this! Because of dry shampoo I can go several days between washing my hair- this is HUGE for two reasons. One, I have a toddler and I don’t always have the luxury of taking a long shower. Unless she is in there with me I’m stressing about what she might be getting into! Two, I have some crazy long hair. Washing and drying over and over causes damage that can make long hair start to look rough and thin. The less I wash, the longer I can keep my long locks looking great. I also use dry shampoo to get my braids, like this one, to hold all day!

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